BLUETTI Power Station to MQTT by using an EPS32

ESP32 Bluetti Bridge - Bluetooth to MQTTReading Time: 3 minutes

I just bought a BLUETTI AC300 + B300 . It is a very cool Gadget but unfortunately it is not smart enough to connect it to my ioBroker installation out of the box. Some BLUETTI power generators have an integrated Bluetooth interface which can be controlled by using the official BLUETTI app. My AC300 unit also provides a WiFi option, but i never tested the WiFi interface. Due the Wifi control requires internet and connects to BLUETTI servers/cloud i decided to use Bluetooth for this project.

After a couple of days searching the internet for a ready to use solution, i found a really nice project based on Python which does exactly what i was looking for [1]. Except this one thing…


Better Software for „K3, K5 and K6“ Laser Engraver.

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Recently i bought one of those cheap china laser engravers, mostly named K3 or K5 Laser Engraver. It is sold under different names and brands. But watching some Youtube videos confirmed that most of the engravers seem to be the same, even if some of those look different. I don’t know how the people on Youtube got it running, i was not able to find a software which worked for me…


HydraPlay – Open Source Multiroom Audio

Reading Time: 5 minutes

This article will describe why i created a new software called HydraPlay. HydraPlay is a user interface for a multiroom audio setup which consists of Raspberry Pis, Mopidy instances, Pulseaudio and Snapcast.


FabScan PI Software Release

Reading Time: < 1 minuteA first version of the FabScan PI software is released now.  You can find further information at

Behind the link you will find a page which is a good starting point for the installation.  More about the new hardware and software is provided by the GitHub repository. 

I recommend to use the ISO SD-card image. Connect all needed hardware and flash the ISO to an SD-card. After the Raspberry Pi booted, you can point your browser to  https://<your-pi’s-ip-address> for calling the FabScan PI web fronted. Chrome and Firefox recommended now, there are some issues with Safari at the moment .  I will fix the Browser issues as soon as possible.

Have fun!