BLUETTI Power Station to MQTT by using an EPS32

ESP32 Bluetti Bridge - Bluetooth to MQTTReading Time: 3 minutes

I just bought a BLUETTI AC300 + B300 . It is a very cool Gadget but unfortunately it is not smart enough to connect it to my ioBroker installation out of the box. Some BLUETTI power generators have an integrated Bluetooth interface which can be controlled by using the official BLUETTI app. My AC300 unit also provides a WiFi option, but i never tested the WiFi interface. Due the Wifi control requires internet and connects to BLUETTI servers/cloud i decided to use Bluetooth for this project.

After a couple of days searching the internet for a ready to use solution, i found a really nice project based on Python which does exactly what i was looking for [1]. Except this one thing…

The project already supports a whole bunch of BLUETTI power stations. It also is able to send all the stuff to a MQTT server (Home Assistant Integration). I did not test the project itself. Just studied the code and tried to understand how the BLUETTI Bluetooth protocol is working.

The Bluetooth protocol

After some further research on this project, i found a forum where some guys discussed the process of reverse engineering the protocol [2]. So most of the interesting and hard work was already done by those guys. At this point I need to say „Great work and thank you so much for it“!

Since i am more a fan of the ESP32, because it brings Bluetooth and WiFi already in one device without the need of an heavy operating system i tired to port the code more or less to C++. All basic functions are already working with my AC300 + B300 unit.

How it works

Just flash the firmware to an EPS32 and connect it to a 5V power supply, best power supply in this case would be your BLUETTI power station. Afterwards have a look for the ESP32 WiFi hotspot and connect to it. The WiFi configuration Manager should to the rest of the work.

ESP32 WiFi Manager

Select „Configure WiFi“.

WiFi Manager configuration on ESP32

Now configure enter your WiFi credentials, MQTT server/port and BLUETTI Bluetooth device Id. Save it and restart the ESP32. The ESP32 will connect to your BLUETTI device and starts to send the current state to the MQTT server.

ioBroker MQTT Server

Customizing the project

It should be easy to implement the protocol for the other units. All you need to do is to have a closer look to warhammerkids repo. There are a bunch of files with definitions for the other BLUETTI devices. I decided to keep my code as modular as possible. There are files called Device_xxxxx.h where the protocol specific values for the Bluetti device are defined.

Adding a new Device should be straight forward. Just create a new Device_<device_name>.h file, transfer the protocol for your device from [1] to this new file. Change the config.h to fit this device and compile the code for your device. That’s it.

I know that the project needs some more documentation and its in an early stage, but maybe is helpful for you. Feel free to leave a comment and/or commit some code.

And finally the disclaimer

Don’t touch these firmware if you don’t know how to put the device in the programming mode if something goes wrong. As per the GPL v3 license, I assume no liability for any damage to you or any other person or equipment.

Before i forget here is the link to the GitHub project:



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