Part 1: Baby Mobiles with Arduino and LED’s

This is my first try of making some baby toys. Currently i am working on a diy LED baby mobiles. I decided that care bears would be a suitable subject, because they are in my mind since the 80s.

First i had to figure out how i can use the LED’s in this mobiles project. Due each care bear has a symbol on it’s chest, i decided to use the LED’s to make this symbol glowing.


Next i used google to find some nice care bear drawings which i vectorized afterwards by using viscut (my favourite laser cutting software). The hardest part was the post-editing of the vector drawings. For that task i worked with inkscape.


The figures consist of three layers. Two layers outside with engraved contours and a cut out of the chest symbol. The third layer is the middle layer, which will be placed between the  two outer layers. This middle layer contains a small acrylic circle, the LED, a resistor and some cables.


The LED is placed close to the acrylic parts outer edge. This leads to a very nice glowing of the chest symbol.

12108756_1067163963294476_4947002298307282934_n 12065680_1067163979961141_7328120617607082478_n




The first prototype worked! Now it’s time to order the needed parts and  make  the other figures for the mobiles. I am planing to control the LED’s over some kind of remote. More in the next part of the build log.

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